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“Having Entered the Mayan New Year, 2015”
July 26th, 2015

On July 26th, 2015, a word came to me while I was participating in the ceremony of the Mayan New Year “11 MEN”. That is the word of “TIME.” About 20,000 years ago, the Mayan calendar started. Tracing that history and studying Katakamuna here in Konohana Family, it is said that there was the Mu continent in the biggest sea of the Pacific Ocean before Katakamuna civilization emerged. When the Mu continent disappeared, the civilization of “TIME” moved east and became the Mayan civilization. And the civilization of the soul of language moved west to the country of Yamato (the ancient name of Japan) that existed at the edge of the Eurasia continent about 13,000 years ago. About two years ago, we at Konohana Family encountered Katakamuna as a teaching. Last year, we met the Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin of the Mayan Solar Tradition and started to have a ceremony of the Mayan New Year here in the country of Yamato.
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Looking back on that history, we had the winter solstice of the galaxy (which occurs every 25,800 years) on December 21st, 2012. When our planet, Earth, has the winter solstice it means the peak of the darkness with the least amount of light. We, on Earth, perform life activities based on the life energy of the sun. Moreover, all the lives are given the character of the self and create the times together. The winter solstice of the galaxy is 25,800 years (which is one spiral of the sun) came on December 21st, 2012 which coincided with the end of the Mayan calendar. This indicates that the Mayan people who took over the civilization of “TIME” understood such a universal and solar structure even in the ancient times.

We, Konohana Family members, have been preparing the mind to welcome a new era until now. Each one of us has learned the history of our unique mind, analyzed our karma, and has prepared in order to welcome the new era with the new mind. That is Konohana Family’s 21-year-old history.

Miraculously, we met the heliocentric calendar after the Tohoku Earthquake on March 11, 2011 occurred, which opened the door of a new era. Through meeting the heliocentric calendar, we came to understand that we do not live with our individual will, but receive the conversations of the stars and express the universal will in our lives.

We are preforming the ceremony of the Mayan New Year here at the foot of Mt. Fuji as the starting point of circling the Earth on July 26th, 2015 with such various meetings. This ceremony begins in the country of Yamato, Japan and goes around the Earth over the next 24 hours.

Please imagine that the minds of the universally conscious people become like waves on Earth, spreading their wings and circling the Earth. In fact, the Earth is round and we live in one world, while the times have been woven forever without any interruption.

There are still many conflicts and various difficulties on Earth. However, these were not created by anyone or anything but humans. It is the result of the fact that humans have lived utilizing their egos only for themselves. And, this has not been for a long period. Slipping back in time, it might have begun after the Industrial Revolution of about 250 years ago. Going back further, it may have begun about 800 or 1600 years ago. Before that era, humans were supported by nature and flourished with other lives as one of the parts in the network of life.

Now that we have entered the new era, the egos have reached their peak in humans. However, is this a really bad thing?

It is nothing of the kind. Humans needed to fully express their ability in order to know their high potential. Then, when they actually did it, the problems spewed forth. This is the current time. The “TIME” has arrived when humans will control the egos by the soul of language. Maya (the civilization of “TIME”) and Yamato (the civilization of the soul of language) have met, so this ceremony of the Mayan New Year has been held in the country of Yamato, Japan.

Thinking in this manner, we do not live only within the frame that we can understand. The times move by the conversations of the stars and that is the universal structure. We always repeat changes, transformation and transfiguration, and evolve in the system.

Let’s manifest the harmonious world on Earth again, imagining such a thing. We humans have an excellent ability and huge influence on Earth. If humans become aware of the truth, I can imagine that they will grow up to become a soul that will greatly contribute to the Earth and even the universe in the next era.

We have entered the 21st century and such an era has arrived at last. The door of a new era opened after the winter solstice of the galaxy on December 21st, 2012. We were given the preparation period of three years of 2013, 2014, and 2015. The year of 2015 is the last year. When this new year begins, people in the world will start to feel the flow of the new era and both humans and the Earth itself will welcome a new universal era!

If each one of us has the original path, Konohana Family is the one to express the universal will through this living as those who have realized it ahead of the world and have been awakened. I am sure that this will be reflected in the living of Konohana Family more and more in the future and will spread all over the world through the Earth network and the universe. I feel this gloriously sunny day is the proof of the divine will and would like to take the path consciously together with all of you.

Our path to establish the utopia on Earth began 21 years ago and now the times have caught up with us. People live with the 30-year cycle of Saturn and they know who they are for the first 30 years. Then, after knowing who they are, they express themselves in the life for the next 30 years. After that, they receive the result at the age of 60 and start the final preparation for the departure. We will weave a new era for sure during the next 10 years from the 21st to the 30th year of Konohana Family.

We live the universe, live the TIME and weave the era in such a sense. And there is our existence in the SPACE. Therefore, it is our purpose to live, observing our minds carefully and becoming aware of the universe, TIME and SPACE as the living being and the humans given a significant role.

Each one of us was given the original life by the universe. And we have entered the era when we should free ourselves from our egos and live for this world, receiving the divine will. That is a valuable and wonderful life. Let’s take the path with the responsibility for ourselves and high consciousness. And let’s realize utopia on Earth together.

“Having Entered 2015, the Year of Departure of Vessel”
January 1st, 2015

We offered the ritual for the harvest thanksgiving of 2014 at the end of last year. First, we chanted prayers to ask the divine to be present at the ritual, and then the divine came down to the site and participated in the ritual with us. The divine will (the law of the universe) operates the earth and brings down fruits on earth. As a result, we are able to live on earth every day. Appreciating that once again, we would like to reconsider how the relationship between the divine (the universe) and humans exists as we enter the new year. Then we would like to set that as a guideline for 2015.
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The earth rotates once a day and revolves around the sun, rotating 365 times a year. This planet travels in the universe, repeating that process. As we go through an annual transition every year, we live, grow old, and have the end of our lives. At the same time, we come to understand this cosmophysics has brought us life, and that system itself is the true figure of the divine. It has been about one year since we met Katakamuna (the cosmophysics that existed in Japan about 13000 years ago) in November, 2013. Even before and now, we have always had consciousness to live with the universal system. However, by meeting Katakamuna, the cosmophysics came to penetrate into our consciousness more deeply. Thinking back, if we truly connected the existence of the divine and the meaning of life at rituals in the past, it was difficult to reach such deep consciousness. However, we should originally feel the existence of the divine in our daily thoughts and our living, rather than think of it only on special occasions like rituals.

Every day, morning and night come. We sleep at night and meet morning again. We are given food. We encounter four seasons and receive harvests in many precise repetitions. All these daily activities that we take for granted are brought by the system based on cosmophysics, and it is exactly the operation of the divine. That system gives us life (divine: the Chinese character of life also means divine in Japanese), weaves our lives, and leads to the end of our lives. It exists everywhere in our daily life. Our life activity, our existence itself is also a proof of the existence of the divine. We live in the universal system every day and are the manifestation of the divine, weaving lives. When we considered that all our lives are connected as one life/divine and exist on earth, we were able to reach knowledge such cosmophysics through Katakamuna. And that brings us high consciousness. We are given the universal mystery in our daily life and also our life from it. In order to live with such high consciousness, what state of mind should we reach?

In order to do so, it is important to have a “humble” mind. First, there is the system of this world; we all live with that system. Or our lives are supported by that universal system—such a humble mind is necessary first of all.
As opposed to this, it is possible to look back on what kind of thoughts people had with when they were unaware of the universal system. They would have made plans for their own convenience and lived to gratify their own desires. Such consciousness has no gratitude that our lives are supported. It is also far from the operation of the celestial objects, the natural ecosystem and so on. Furthermore, the desire for self-gratification leads to less consideration of others. As a matter of fact, such narrow consciousness has created the current situation on earth.

Ko-chan of the field team said, “I have worried about the harvest for this year, considering unusual weather such as super typhoons. However, thanks to you…” “Thanks to you” means gratitude for the existence of the sun. The gratitude makes people become humble and realize the existence of others and of this world, and the universal system that supports our lives. It creates the spirit to live for others and the world within ourselves. That is the true meaning of work (Hataraku) – Hata means others and raku means easy, so Hataraku (work) means to make others easy. When people consider this as gratitude for the system of life, they will be able to reach the stage where they can really feel that spirit in daily life, and live in abundance.

2014 was “The year of the surge” (2013 was “The year of the encounter”), and it was the year of purification (Misogi). Misogi means to be given harsh lessons, to release what is unnecessary and to live as the truly necessary figure. When we receive the harsh lessons, we accept the determination, “I am willing to receive whatever comes. I remove what is unnecessary and receive only what is necessary” with a strong commitment. Now the year of harsh lessons is over, and what comes next? The time has come when we move into action with commitment. That action becomes “The Departure of the Vessel”, which means that we are finally going to express to the world the reason why we live in such a community form.

Considering that, we came to understand the importance of “The integration of knowledge, determination and action” through meeting Katakamuna. We have entered 2015 and the “Action” has just begun. What is it for? If we act with a humble mind, it will be for others and the world. As people who have recognized and support the universal system, we are going to fulfill our role to sense the divine system that operates on earth and conducts the activities of the earth smoothly. Since people have not paid attention to the divine/universe for a long time, we, as those who are aware of it first, have a role to express the precious consciousness to those who have not realized it yet. Then, it is necessary to have a strong commitment without being obsessed with his/her own ego. In order to do so, it is important to understand the importance of receiving whatever comes, to accept the path with humbleness and to live modestly with the resolve to take the unknown path as pioneers’ destiny.

We have lived this way of life as those who transcend our own will and live together with the universal law. Therefore, we will not be able to play our given roles if we are obsessed with our own ego. If so, even if we live such life here, our determination will weaken along the way. However, all the souls will finish their roles and return to the universe again. Then, reflecting back if we have completed our roles fully and can proudly leave from our physical body, this way of life is not only for others, but also for ourselves. Therefore, we would like to step forward with a strong commitment, confirming it at this important stage of our life.

And when a strong commitment naturally emerges within each of us, the time will come when those who have not been awakened feel the surge of the new era with intuition, connect with each other, and create the new era together. All beings exist in this law. And now, the era is about to change. It means that awareness and intuition will begin to function within each individual. As a result, this way of life, weaving connections between people, will be necessary. Therefore, we would like to create a place where people can perceive a new model of this era here in Konohana Family.

We grow crops, resonating the beautiful vibrancy of 48 sounds in the fields, through the Universal Circulation Method that we coined, based on cosmophysics. As a result, the natural blessings will be given, appropriate to the vibrancy of our spirituality. Therefore, it is not good enough just to resonate the vibrancy. It will only be effective when it is done by a person whose spirituality is high enough to resonate the beautiful vibrancy of the original 48 sounds. In order to do so, it is important for us to first achieve a harmonious spirit in our daily life, hold high wave action, and amplify it through networking. If such a spirit is reflected in all daily activities, such as growing vegetables and rice, cooking, and child-rearing, that is living the Universal Circulation Method in its true meaning.

This can be achieved only when each individual raises his/her consciousness. However, that does not involve the intention of becoming a special person. That suggests something like a supernatural power and a special world where “Only that person can do it”. Instead, by knowing the system, harmonizing and networking among those with high consciousness, reflecting it in our daily life, and acting on it, we will be able to reveal the human model of the new era on the earth.

The leaders of the field and rice paddy team do not have to worry about the harvest at all. Only when everyone lives with high consciousness and beautiful vibrancy, with that spirit resonating everywhere in our daily life, are we able to receive the blessings naturally. The world where such a thing is manifested naturally, will become a model for a future society. That is our theme for the new year, “The Departure of the Vessel”. Let’s create that beautiful world together!

“All is a Journey to the Good.”
March 21st, 2014 — the 20th anniversary of Konohana Family

No matter how hard you try to achieve the truth, no matter how hard you try to create the truth, unless you have the place to receive it, the truth will not come down. There are infinite ways to the truth, but unless you have a will to get there, it does not make any sense. Even if I try to tell the way, without those who listen, I will not be able to talk. Those who believe shall be saved. For those who follow a path, the purpose will appear. The reason why there is pain in the world is so that we can learn the right way. Even if there is a way, the way without the destination is meaningless. If you follow an ambiguous path, you will not be able to reach your destination.
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The reason why there is the order of this world is to lead people to their destination. The order does not exist to let people drown and drift in the order. Feel the order of the world. That is the way to lead you to your purpose. Those who cannot see the order are not able to reach their destination. The order is the law of the world. The order gives joy to all of the world. The world is a sea of order. Those who are self-centered violate the law even if they are in the order.

Do not be obsessed with the inner ego and follow the outer order. When the inner ego is removed, the inner mirror is polished, and the outer order is reflected, the outer order will become the inner order. That does not mean to throw away the ego. That is to draw the ego. And reflect the outer order on the ego’s mirror. If so, the ego will disappear and the inner order will become the infinite order. The order is everywhere in the world. Those who don’t know there is a way have no way. Those who don’t follow a path have no way. Those who don’t seek the way have no way. Those who just wait for the way have no way. Those who see the way with the mind are able to see the way. For those who follow a path, the way will be opened. For those who follow a path, the purpose will come into sight. There is the order in this world.

Can you see the order? It is the order that connects all. It is woven like a fabric and becomes linked infinitely. Linkage is connection. There is only one purpose. All is one. All is one means there is no separation. There is goodwill, love and harmony based on that. The figure is truth, good and beauty. It is the goodwill that weaves this world. It is the goodwill based on love. It is the goodwill based on beauty. That is the truth. Those who cannot see the good in the world have dirt within. Those who see the evil in the world have the evil within. The reality of the world is the goodwill. See the good in all of the world. All the events are the truth of the world and the information to see the good. Those who cannot see the good in all have the evil within. See the good in all. See the good anywhere in the world.

Those who don’t see the good in the world have the evil within. Remove dirt and make your mind beautiful. Make yourself a mirror. And reflect the truth and the good within. Such people shine light into the world. All inner and outer things create the good. There is no evil in this world. If there is evil, that would be a milestone to the good and exist to express the good. All is for the good—the beauty of the good and the truth. See the good in all.

The evil is created in a calculating mind, the good is created in a calculating mind, and all is created in a calculating mind. Unless you calculate, all will disappear.

Evil is created in a fool, the good is created in a journey to the light, joy is created in a journey to the light, love is created in a journey to the light, harmony is created to a journey to the light, and the truth is created to a journey in the light.

If you cannot see the truth, realize how dirty your inner mirror is and how blind you are.

Develop the eye to see the truth with the mind. Make efforts to see the truth. And believe. Realize that the world has been created with goodwill. All that is thought folly is for the good.

All is a journey to the good. All is a journey to the good. All is a journey to the good.
All is a journey to love. All is a journey to love. All is a journey to love.
All is a journey to harmony. All is a journey to harmony. All is a journey to harmony.

A mind that recognizes this makes the world beautiful. It is Arigatai (difficult to be). There is the order of this world based on the truth that is Arigatai. If people realize this, would shortage be created in this world? We only live, considering our lives are just Arigatai. If people realize how Arigatai it is to live, the Arigatai mystery will be opened and something Arigatai will appear.

Arigatogozaimasu (Ari; be, gato; difficult, u: the mystery of the universe, gozai; exist, masu; more and more—the mystery of the universe that is difficult to be exists and this world is full of that.)

Arigatogozaimasu. Arigatogozaimasu. Arigatogozaimasu.
Arigatogozaimasu. Arigatogozaimasu. Arigatogozaimasu.
Arigatogozaimasu. Arigatogozaimasu. Arigatogozaimasu.

*These messages were brought down to Isadon, the founder of Konohana Family.