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What is the Konohana Family? The Fuji Sengen Konohana Festival, 2016

Book Promo Video

Here is a 10 minutes video of our life at the Konohanan Family promoting our 2nd book, “From The Foot of Mt. Fuji, A Message from Konohana Family; An Extended Family of People Living Together Sustainably” (by Logos Publisher).

木之花家族 創立二十周年紀念

Mt. Fuji eco-village connects to a greener world

This video is created by the media team of United Nations University which is based in Tokyo, Japan. “Our World 2.0” is the website that introduces sustainable initiatives. It is well described a life and activities of the family. Please have a look and read the attached articles!

Slide Show

This slide show is created by Fan Wang, a Chinese art teacher who stayed in Konohana Family for 75 days.

This is what happened in Konohana family, 2014.