The Natural Therapy Program

What is the Natural Therapy Program?

We provide physical & mental healing based on KF living and harmonious spirituality for those with mental disorders (depression, schizophrenia), various dependencies (drug, alcohol and nicotine) , problematic actions (school refusal, stay-at home), and lifestyle diseases, not only reliant on conventional medical treatment.

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A case example

“The Awakening of Humans Living in the 21st Century”
T-san, a 37-year-old lady who was born in Hong Kong and lives in Taiwan now, visited the Konohana Family for the first time on June 7th, 2016 in order to overcome a severe case of depression. After she took the natural therapy program for four weeks, she successfully graduated from the program.
Here are the letter from T-san, T-san’s awakening story and the message from Isadon.

1 The Letter from T-san to the Konohana Family

2 T-san’s Awakening Story

3 The Message from Isadon

“Akko-chan’s Miraculous Recovery Story”

1 The Report written by Akko-chan

Why I came here
Beginning with my mental disorder, I was forced to quit my job and became addicted to alcohol gradually. As a result, I reached the moribund condition due to renal and liver failure. After I left the university hospital near my parent’s place, I decided to take the natural therapy program at my family’s recommendation who were concerned about my regression.

After I came here
I was given the task to keep a diary with what I have felt and realized through various works and relationships to others, depending on my condition. This is how I started to have a dialogue with Isadon, the main coordinator of the natural therapy program.

Thanks to the support by A-chan, my supporter and all of you, I was able to recover physically and mentally (my previous mental condition was distorted) gradually and to graduate from my care stay in three and a half months.

Let me look back on the process. Isadon’s comments were so logical that they made me focus on my real condition in an honest and objective manner. There was always guidance to be able to realize by myself behind his words, so I assume that is why I was able to move toward the right direction step by step.

I had an accident of my right wrist fracture when my mental patterns that I could not realize gathered, such as acting emotionally and thinking of a negative thought too much. However, I came to understand there are a lot of seeds to learn if I focus on myself calmly through that.

IMG_5084Vegetables and honey nurtured with your passion and circulated as life in the great nature… I realize “the power of people” that connects them all.

I would like to thank you for providing me this precious experience from the heart. I really appreciate it.

About my future
I am going to practice what I have learned during my care stay here from now on.


〈 来到这里的经纬 〉
得了精神疾病以后,无情的被公司开除,越来越依赖酒精了。 结果,到了因肾不全和肝不全快要保不住命的状态。在大学医院退院后,依从担心病状复发的家人的劝告,来到了木之花接受自然疗法。

〈 来到这里以后 〉
让我回顾一下经过。 Isadon的批注直中要害,让我的心能够直率的客观的注视到自己到底在什么样的状态下。他写下的批注的深处,总是有着能让我自己感悟的引导信息,所以我在想这是不是让我一步一步走向正确方向的作用力。
当我感情用事,或有强烈的负面思考等,连我自己的没有觉察到的毛病集结的时候,发生了右手骨折的事故。 从这里我学到,如果能静下心来观察自己的话,会通过各种各样的事情学到东西。

〈 关于我的今后 〉

2 The Report written by Yoko,
the coordinator of the natural therapy program

It was January 17th, 2015 when we received an email from Akko-chan’s elder sister for the first time. The email began with, “Dear all of Konohana Family members, I am emailing to you, thrilled with my conviction, ‘This is it!’ from the moment I found out about Konohana Family through the internet.” Then, she wrote down the truth that a 42-year-old woman, Akko-chan, suffered from renal and liver failure due to acute alcoholism, was transferred to hospital 10 days ago, and was on the verge of life and death at the ICU. She escaped death at the moment, receiving a dialysis treatment, but the doctor said the chance of her survival was about 50%. Therefore, if she is fortunate enough to be able to survive and leaves dialysis, her family hoped that she will start a new life at Konohana Family to recover from schizophrenia (integration disorder syndrome) and alcoholism that she has suffered from for more than 20 years. They could not even imagine that Akko-chan will get back to her original life with her 75- year-old father who drinks regularly. Moreover, the very emergency mail was sent to us in the situation where her elder sister who lives in Singapore hastily came back to Japan to take care of her temporarily.

It has been a dozen years or so since Konohana Family started to offer the natural therapy program. However, this is our first case to accept a care guest under life-threatening conditions like Akko-chan. Therefore, we shared her elder sister’s email with everyone at the community meeting, explaining that Akko-chan made a suicide attempt, was taken to the police due to violence and was forced to leave the hospital as a patient who was too much to handle in the past. We confirmed all members’ determination to accept her care stay and continued to exchange emails with her sister until she visited us.

Through the process, we were thinking about the possibility that she receives dialysis at Fujinomiya municipal hospital near Konohana Family, depending on her conditions if she stays here. However, her kidney and liver made a miraculous recovery and the dialysis treatment became unnecessary. And then, Akko-chan and her elder sister came to visit Konohana Family directly right after she left the hospital. It was February 12th, about a month after we received the email from her sister for the first time.

Akko-chan’s first impression when we met her for real was much calmer than we expected from the prior information given by her sister, and we felt her will to improve her current conditions. Her best timing to take the natural therapy program had arrived, so she fully understood the analysis given by Isadon, the main coordinator of the natural therapy program, of why she reached such a situation during about one-hour counseling. As a result, her expression became already clear!

The letter from the doctor said, “The most significant thing is to continue to abstain from drinking,” and it was totally right for Akko-chan and her family. Akko-chan herself recognized this as the most important matter, so we were able to feel her strong will not to drink anymore through her care stay. Isadon sensed the sign of her full recovery since she suffered from mental disorder for more than 20 years and met Konohana Family as a last hope. After she started to take the natural therapy program, she was given the first task to get used to living here and to keep a diary every day. Her care stay began like this, with weekly counseling given by isadon.

Akko-chan was so motivated that she immediately helped with the work of peeling peanuts in the morning of the second day and enjoyed working in the field in the afternoon. However, since she was in the hospital for about a month before she came here, she quit pushing herself and focused on getting used to living here as her first priority. She tried to live a regular life gradually one week later and to work on light duty in the warehouse, the kitchen or help with folding the laundry for half a day.
Two weeks later, Isadon told her that it is her ultimate goal to get out of her current condition controlled by medication and to live a healthy life, controlling her mind by herself during the counseling. Soon after that, she decided to stop taking medicine with her own will from the day 18. And she has been able to live without any medicine up to the present date since then.

Three weeks later, Isadon gave her the next task to continue to lead a regular life and to try to participate in the community meeting as much as possible during the counseling. Also, he told her that it would be great if she can make the most of her talent of calligraphy in the future.

Four weeks later, she had been able to live a regular life in the past week. Therefore, Isadon said to her, “You should observe your inner self from now on and objectively look back on why you started to think of a negative thought in the past, what kind of emotions came out at that time, and what kind of actions you took to the others.” This means that she had reached the stage where she works on her mind which is the essence of this natural therapy program.

As days went by, the atmosphere of the medicine almost left from Akko-chan’s expression and it was getting back to normal. However, the content of her diary was still all about physical phenomena. She did not work on her mind in her daily life, so she emotionally reacted with A-chan, her supporter, interpreted another member’s goodwill in the negative way and fell down due to her carelessness, causing her right wrist fracture when she went back to her parent’s place temporarily. Therefore, Isadon repeatedly said to her, “It is important to always face your mind and calmly look back on the root cause of your alcoholism and mental unbalance through small phenomena that occur in your daily life. Also, you can make the right wrist fracture a great chance to observe your mind.”

However, another month passed while she could not face her mind well. It was at the counseling given nine weeks later since the first day when Isadon questioned her will to continue her care stay seriously. According to his diagnosis, she already got out of the sickness and was able to keep stable in the environment of Konohana Family. However, unless she works on her mind that caused her mental illness, it would be difficult for her to remain stable when she goes back to the society. Also, Isadon told her that the goal of the natural therapy program offered by Konohana Family is not only to stop taking medicine, but also to be able to improve the personality through self-control. However, she answered, “I think you are right, but I am too tired to control my emotions in daily life right now.” He told her to rely on us, listen to the tape of this counseling again and consider if she would like to learn her mind and the counseling ended.

After that, she finally decided to face her mind and small changes came to appear in her diary which was all about her daily events. She started to write down her daily emotions and the feedbacks, so Isadon told her to continue to learn with such a positive attitude.

However, as her mental pattern, she tended to take the phenomena in the negative way, imagine them as if she is a victim, and react emotionally. After she was told the truth from another person, she finally came to understand it and her emotions calmed down. Therefore, her challenge was to judge things with goodwill and to become a person who is able to deal with negative emotions, controlling herself before becoming emotional.

After that, she wrote in her diary, “I cling to specific matters and do not realize that I continue to put my negative energy into things that I do not have to think of—I have just realized THAT is the root cause of my mental illness.” And Isadon’s comment about that was “THAT is a point! I can imagine in the future you will be smiling and looking back on your past.” This is how she tried to observe her mind before she became emotional.

According to another page of her diary, she wrote, “I did not put my slippers in front of my room and I concentrated on calligraphy in my room. Then, a member who was going to clean my room opened the door and both of us became very surprised. She said there were no slippers, so she thought there was no one in the room… Yes, that’s it. I was so concentrated that I could not hear her footsteps. Then, what I said to her without thinking was “Thank you so much. I have just finished cleaning the room.” I was surprised by my simple words! The old me would think of unnecessary things and get shocked or even get mad. However, now that I am able to face myself in the calm way, this was nothing. I would like to value this mental attitude from now on.” And Isadon said, “A brisk breeze is blowing there. I would like to thank YOU for your wonderful awareness.”

When her mental condition became more and more stable and she became able to observe her mind calmly in daily life, the counseling was arranged hastily. Then, Isadon said to her, “Congratulations on your graduation!” Her care stay over three and a half months came to an end. As a matter of fact, a few hours before the counseling was given, an email from her sister who lives in Singapore came to us for the first time in a very long while, saying, “It has been almost three months since Akko-chan stopped taking medicine. Also, her way of thinking, reaction and judgement have improved. Therefore, is it possible for her to stay as a long-term guest? We think it would be better for her to stay not as a care guest but as a long-term guest from now on, living normally and thinking of her future. This is her family’s opinion, so it would be great if you respect that.” We all felt when our mind is ready, things flow very smoothly from the fact that the email arrived at the perfect timing as if her sister read her current situation beyond the border.

The reason why her care stay got a little bit too long is most likely that she realized her mental patterns after she became emotional in her daily life. However, the important thing is to realize the seeds of the phenomena before they actually occur and to become a person who is able to deal with matters in a calm way. When she became aware of that and able to control herself, her graduation day came with the end of her care stay.

There are many cases where those who suffered from mental illness for more than 20 years joined the natural therapy program at Konohana Family and recovered in a few months. People call it “a miracle.” However, anyone can get over the illness if he/she has a strong will to observe the mind thoroughly from past to present, understand why he/she reached such a situation and improve the mind that caused the illness. And from the law of this world, it is not “a miracle”, but “just a natural matter!”

Akko-chan has learned to live according to the law of this world during her care stay. We hope that she will try to stabilize her physical and mental conditions better from now on, staying here as a long-term guest and making the most of her talent of calligraphy for the society. Now is the time for her to start a new life!

3 The Message from Isadon,
the main coordinator of the natural therapy program

130922-115233-縮小We offer the natural therapy program to those who suffer from mental illness. Many people with mental disorder come to visit us to take this program. Most of them cannot improve their conditions by the conventional symptomatic treatment. We do not give the treatment to cure them here in Konohana Family. What we do instead is to examine why they reached such a condition.

There is a more important thing before that. It is the current society that has created such people. This is not an individual issue, but a social phenomenon. Therefore, in other words, people with mental illness play a role to convey the important message to the society.

Everything that exists in this world has original vibrancy. It could be vibrancy of sickness, vibrancy of conflict, vibrancy of harmony or health and could be many kinds. Nature is the form composed of the network of various unique individual parts operating in harmony. Complicated problems that the current human society holds do not occur in the natural world. And many people with problems go to nature and have their mental distortion and twist cured. The natural function can improve their conditions. This means that we just return to the harmonious vibrancy that we originally have. Our body, the earth and the universe itself are the network where various unique lives exist in harmony with each other.

Because people have great abilities in human society, people insist on themselves, trying to gratify their desires. And they forgot the container they are in, which is the earth, and come to think of only themselves. Social conflicts and our physical and mental illness are caused by such contradiction.

Therefore, we did not give any treatment to Akko-chan. We just told her why she reached such a condition. And she looked back on her mental attitude by herself and just returned to the harmonious mind. It is a natural matter, but it is called “a miracle” in the society.

There is one interesting thing in this method, which is that we cannot make money out of it. That is why general medical experts do not want to take this kind of method. However, the Konohana Family’s lifestyle and my way of living exist to expand such harmony to this world. Therefore, it is our wish that Akko-chan becomes healthy. Also, it is our wish that she is going to encourage people with mental illness like her, based on her own experiences in the future. I believe this is the valuable way of living which we humans originally should aim for. And this kind of natural therapy program will be possible.